Shut Up About Pandora’s Box

Adulthood is Terriffying

I live my life for lazy Saturday mornings. They’re lounge days, designed aroundsitting in bed with a cup of coffee, or reading a book on the couch while sipping coffee, or relaxing in the tub with hot coffee, or basically doing close to nothing whiledrinking too much coffee.

On this particular lazy Saturday, I opted for option three: a hot bath and a cup of coffee.Perhaps because of the coffee, I was in a peppy mood so I decided to click on the Katy Perry Pandora station.

Note: The Katy Perry Pandora station is not recommended listening for feminists who’re just trying to relax.

And, while not a day goes by that I’m not affronted by some oppressive aspect of the world in which I and my ovaries live, I try to hang up the cape every once in a while.One of those “whiles” is definitely when I’m in the…

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