A Pretty Long History of Personal Humiliation

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Adulthood is Terriffying

Back in elementary school, 94% of the time I spent with my friends was occupied by dressing up as and/or pretending to be theSpice Girls(it was the late ’90s and I was 12, okay??!).

I always wanted to be Scary Spice, the “wacky black one,” who I related to on account of her wackiness, and whose blackness didn’t really seem like a good enough reason to disqualify me from playing her inliving room reenactments of scenes fromSpice World.

My friends never reacted the way 12-year-olds pretending to be sexy British pop stars seemed like they should react when I volunteered to be Scary Spice. And by that I mean, they didn’t giggleand/or throw up a peace sign and/or pop on a British accent for a forced “Girl powah!”

There was something discernibly awkward about the laughter from the visibly uncomfortable psudeo-Spices around me. Or at least,I felt

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Joey the Draft Horse: Farming before technology

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Olsen Farm

Great Grandpa Olsen used his draft horse, Joey, for all his plowing and field preparations on Olsen Farm for decades. In the early to mid 1900’s farmers all used hand tools and animals for plowing and heavy farm work. By the 50’s motorized tractors became available and were ‘the next big thing’ in farming- if you didn’t have a gas tractor you were falling behind.

Great Grandpa preferred to stick with what he knew worked- Joey was steadfast and reliable. He loved Joey like a child and trusted him like a friend. Great Grandpa had a way with animals, he passed this love of nature and compassion for living things on though the generations.

We still have the remains of the first motorized tractor Great Grandpa was given by the agricultural department as an incentive to expand his farm, and produce more. In the late 1950’s more and more farmers were…

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