I Walked into a Poll Today

My daughter is wise beyond her years!

Adulthood is Terriffying

I also chaperoned my first high school field trip today.

Now, as a writer, I’ve long been taught to open editorial pieces with a “hook,” and I contemplated for literally no time a solid five minutes on  an engaging way to open this post until it occurred to me:

::middle finger emoji::

(This is why I’m not a writer.)

(I just teach aspiring ones.)

(And reluctant ones.)

(Mostly the latter.)

Anywho, this morning myself and a handful of incredibly patient, flexible, and competent colleagues climbed onto two canary-yellow buses and descended into the mines of “adolescents off campus.” The other adults in attendance weren’t on their matron voyage, so the missteps (like when I stepped into a pole) and mistakes (like when I was mistaken for and hit on by a college student) weren’t as OMFG-y to them as they were to me.

But, man. I now the…

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